Diabetes is a disease which cannot be “trusted”. People with diabetes tend to hope the disease will just “maintain itself,” that it will just stay at status quo for the long term.

Physicians are amazed how well people can plan for the long term, creating and pursuing future commitments but do NOT plan long-term for diabetes. Of course, the natural question is: “What are the long-term issues with diabetes?”

With diabetes, a person is two to four times more likely to develop cardio-vascular disease. Doctors see cardio-vascular diseases consistently in young and middle-aged people with diabetes.

With diabetes, people are TWENTY-FIVE times more likely to develop retinopathy (deterioration of the retinas). Because of diabetes, 24,000 people lose sight every year!

With diabetes, 60-70% of those afflicted suffer nerve damage which can lead to non-traumatic lower limb amputations. This is because open sores that do not heal, accompany diabetes. As they become ulcerated, the diabetic faces complications which can lead to amputation of limbs.

People with diabetes are AT RISK for kidney failure.

Diabetes is responsible for the increased risk for strokes…two to six times more likely because of their condition.

The danger with diabetes is people get complacent. Nothing seems to happen until, suddenly, it seems to sneak up on you with its complications.

Complicating factors for people with diabetes:

1           smoking,

2           high cholesterol,

3           high blood pressure,

4           obesity,

5           physical inactivity

With these factors, predicting the progress of diabetes is very problematic. Simply put, they MUST be brought under control, if possible. Diabetes thus becomes very unpredictable.

By keeping your blood glucose under control, you can reduce the risk of complications of diabetes up to 76%.

By healthy eating, responsible dietary weight loss, regular physical activity, monitoring blood sugar… you can reduce risk in diabetes.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are auto-immune conditions. In type1 diabetes, the immune cells are mis-instructed to attack islet cells in the pancreas that make insulin. There is nothing wrong with the islet cells. There is miscommunication by the immune system of the body. In other words, immune attack cells can get faulty messages and destroy healthy tissue.

To be familiar with the more serious facts about Diabetes represents an important step in controlling the disease.

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