Exciting Clinical Research on Arthritis Supplement

For the millions of Americans who suffer from arthritis, the search for relief is often long and confusing.

For many, the recall of the arthritis medication Vioxx served as a wake-up call. To avoid side effects, many people looked for an alternative source of relief in supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

However, a study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that these supplements used alone have not delivered hoped-for results in alleviating arthritis. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that people who are taking a supplement known as SierraSil have shown significant improvement.

A recent clinical trial found that 85 percent of those taking SierraSil, a mineral complex from the Sierra Mountains, experienced relief from arthritis symptoms within two weeks or less.

The complex is comprised of numerous, naturally occurring macro and trace minerals.

“SierraSil is one of the few natural products to have passed rigorous scientific research with flying colors,” said Dr. Alan Xenakis, M.D., author of numerous books on health and nutrition. “What is most impressive are the results from this recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrating that it is safe and effective for significantly reducing pain and inflammation in patients with arthritis.”

If you turn off the inflammation, then the joints can start to rebuild naturally.

Unlike other nutraceuticals, this complex works by suppressing gene expression associated with inflammatory responses. The combination of these minerals works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

While the human body can make many vitamins, it cannot produce a single mineral. Due to mineral depletions in the soil, you can no longer rely on getting all the necessary minerals your body needs from the food you eat. Studies have shown that this mineral complex promotes joint mobility and protects cartilage. Many people who have tried it also report increased energy, enhanced athletic performance and a renewed sense of well-being. Vancouver native Elsbeth Turner said, “I have been taking SierraSil regularly since the summer of ’05 and find that I am free of all my joint discomfort. It is a great product; I am feeling so much better overall.” A recent study, published in the international Journal of Inflammation, found that taking SierraSil helps to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis. Many people who use the supplement would agree. One of its biggest fans is golf legend and former CBS-TV analyst Ken Venturi. “It’s been amazing! After using SierraSil for a short period of time, the strength has come back to my hands, and I have more flexibility than before,” said Venturi. “I’m back to hitting golf balls almost every day, and I’ve picked up distance again. And what it’s done for me most of all, it’s given me back the game of golf, which I love so much.” Thousands of people, including athletes and doctors, are using the complex for daily relief. According to Mark Miller, Ph.D. and professor of cardiovascular sciences and pediatrics at Albany Medical College, NY, the complex may “offer exciting new approaches to limiting the joint destruction and lack of mobility associated with arthritis.”

This can be good news for anyone who is restricted by arthritis pain and seeks a safe, natural method of relief. “An effective, new mineral supplement offers a natural solution-without any side effects-to people who suffer from arthritis”-Dr. Alan Xenakis, M.D., co-author of “Mineral Miracle.”

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