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When Hoodia was discovered the very first animal trials to test it was with Rats. The rats that were fed with Hoodia stopped eating completely. Rats are well known as animals that will eat anything and everything. Can you believe that an animal who loves to eat anything simply switched off its desire to eat, even when foods that rats love were placed in front of them.
If you are serious about building muscle mass or sculpting your body, you may have to supplement your diet with commercially available whey or soy protein powders (and possibly other supplements).
If you are at all interested in anti-aging news or nutritional supplements, you’ve probably heard about HGH or Human Growth Hormone.
Tuesday, 12 March 2019 03:00 Herbal supplements for Memory

Herbal supplements for Memory

With the advent of the information superhighway and the need for knowledge higher than ever, it can be difficult to cope with life when you have a bad memory. Luckily, people around the world have been using herbal supplements for memory for thousands of years, and many of them that have been proven effective are available today.
You might have come across “anemia” and you don’t know the reason. There are many numbers of reasons for it, but it is accrued with the iron deficiency.


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